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You can’t predict the future, but you can prepare for it. Monkey Knuts® custom monkey fist keychains and survival paracord products are
designed to provide you and your family with a sense of security for whatever life throws your way. Our functional survival products
attach to your keys, gear bags and purses so that you always have what you need - when you need it! Luck favors the prepared!

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This 1/8" x 2'' ferrocerium rods or flintsteel are designed to make a hotter, more concentrated spark for lighting a greater variety of tinders. These particular ferro rods are rainproof and windproof and are capable of lighting even damp leaves on fire. Ideal for camping, hiking and survival kits and works best with a Firesteel Striker.
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Ferrocerium Firesteel Flint Rod
Ferrocerium Firesteel Flint Rod
Starting at: $5.00

1/8" x 2'' ferrocerium flintsteel fire rod more info
Carbide Steel Alloy Steel Fire Striker
Steel Fire Striker
Starting at: $8.00

This is an excellent long lasting and unbreakable striking blade for use with any of our firesteel flint sparking rods. The striking blade handle is made of virtually unbreakable ABS plastic. Its small size and light weight make it an excellent choice for any survival kit paired with our firesteel.
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