Be Prepared for the Unexpected

You can’t predict the future, but you can prepare for it. Monkey Knuts® custom monkey fist keychains and survival paracord products are
designed to provide you and your family with a sense of security for whatever life throws your way. Our functional survival products
attach to your keys, gear bags and purses so that you always have what you need - when you need it! Luck favors the prepared!

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550 Paracord
550 paracord

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No emergency kit is complete without 550 Paracord (i.e. Parachute Cord). This extremely durable nylon, non-rotting cord is capable of supporting up to 550 pounds and is mildew resistant. As if it wasn't useful enough, it can be gutted, with the 7 inner strands used for fishing line, sewing, dental floss, etc. This is the same cord that is used by our military and can be used for everything from building shelter to tying your shoes! Our cordage is high quality and made in the USA by a certified U.S. Goverment Contractor.
  • Type III - Commercial Grade
  • 550 lb Breaking Strength
  • 7-Strand (2-Ply) Inner Core
  • 5/32" Diameter
  • 100% Nylon Material
  • Mildew & Rot Resistant